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Leaf questions


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Hamden, Ct.
I have an '89 XJ that is still sitting on its stock leaves. Needless to say, they are sagging more than I would like. Today I visited a guy who was parting out an '88. He had a pair of full leaf sets that looked to be in good condition, but were out of the jeep so I could not really assess their strength. He wanted $30 for the pair which seems pretty reasonable if they are in good shape. My question is whether there is any way to judge the strength of the springs while they are out of the jeep. Please let me know as my XJ is looking pretty sad draggin' its butt around town.
89xj said:
make bastard springs with the ones from the 88.

getting the old springs off can be a PITA.
Cut eyes off the main leaf like an AAL, and new centering pins.
You could remove rear anti-sway bar while you're in there, keep the frame brackets for cheap BPE's. (shock absorber, Bar Pin Eliminators)