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Cowl leak seems to be unreachable. solution.. Seal the hood cowl?


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1996 XJ 4 door.

For about a year now.. been attempting to seal inside of the cowl (driver's side) with silicone.

Found the source inside the jeep. Leaking through the wall. suppose to be solid wall.

Inside Top left corner. about 1 inch down and in from absolute corner its rusted through.

Siliconed everything I could reach inside the cowl. (even removed the wipers to gain access)

Today. I discovered another drain inside the front of the cowl.. Bet its feeding the leak which is underneath. No way I can reach inside to apply silicone.
run out of knowledge and ability to see/investigate

1) buy sealer with snake like tube.. spray inside area i cant see, hope I seal leak and dont cog the drain

2) drill hole from inside jeep into leak area... attempt to fill area inside cowl with silicone.

3) seal cowl at the hood. don't let water in there in first place.. small amount from wiper shouldn't do much. probably attempt to seal that up too. Any venting can be done through the drains which are clear.

Thanks any input is appreciated.

side note.. this was not the only leak I found. Everything was leaking. behind fuse box.. steering column(was pretty decent leak too).. passenger side HVAC (laughable jeep design.. pine needles caused water to drain into the open vent)

lets just say.. off the record.. whole front left of the jeep is ever so "slightly" tweaked. stupid tree(s)
The wiper motor doesn't require any cooling, the cowl only provides fresh air to the vent.
RPC thanks !

Cowl is not removal. part of the body. Drains seem to be inside the body cavities.

Drap a plastic or aluminum sheet so all the water drains to passenger side.
Plastic will need to be heavy gauge or need to be tightly held in place.
High vent pulls alot of air. I'll test it and see.
wiper motor is right in the way... not an easy solution but its possible.

Also.. making a temporary cowl cover for when its parked.
opps thanks RCP

For cowl cover and inside cowl draining, using those thin plastic painter's trays. Cut to fit.

durable, cheap, easy to cut and mold with a little heat.