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Junkyard lift installed


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Woburn, MA
Well i decided i would save some coin and do a junkyard lift

parts i bought:

1998 E-350 front Coils

1995 s-10 rear leafs

extended rear brake line

extended shocks

new hardware

33in BFG A/T's off craigslist

Total cost: $260

so the install was a huge pain, if people are interested in a write up ill post one.

final lift:

Rear 4"

front 3.5"

my friend eric took pics and will post them later.
you might have trouble with the top coil unseating using more then 3 isolators, IF IT FLEXES enough

e350 coils are a new one, let us know how it rides.
also, im sure people would appreciate info on the shocks your running
4.5 RC front shocks and the rears i just moved the shock mounts up.

the ride is pretty rough in the front at speed. i drove up on some blocks and it flexes alright... pics up later today


pics tires later today
Boy thats a snazzy garage I see in the background there :-D

All my work is done outside my garage...and I have a 4 car garage. (2 on top level, 2 on bottom)

However with the rainy season coming...I'll have to set up the tent garage in the back for my rig. :bawl:


P.S. Lets see the final result! Tires and all!
Until you show that it works?A write-up would be un-justified!
i am going to be cutting the hell outta those fenders

probably delete the flares all together...we'll see tomorrow
Why,It wont flex anyway!
Why,It wont flex anyway!

i already tried it out....put one tire on a 2ft concrete block...flexed ok.

im not going on any trails where i would need alot of flex, i needed clearance more than anything. and this got me exactally what i needed for the coin i had. flame it all you want. im happy with the results.
A lot of people get concered with coils unseating when they do a BB. But, most of the time the stock shocks are retained, top out wayyy before the coil can come close to popping loose.