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johhny joints


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need some info, which johnny joint fits into the factory bracket on the front end, at the lower control arm pocket the 2" or 2.5" one. making long arm set up.

2.5's for the lower control arms..

2.0" for the upper control arms.

Is Currie the only place to get these joints? Or is there another source? What's the price on the 2.5's?

Currie makes the Johnny Joints, there are few different variations of them..

RE makes their spherical bearings, same basic concept, but different design.

Daystar makes a version, however I have been told by someone to stay away from those.

You can purchase the JJ's from pretty much any Currie dealer. or the RE joints from any RE dealer.
Thats a "NO" on the front axle bushings.I really like the RE joints alot better do to there ease of adjustment/rebuild!
Currie, makes a new Johnny Joint that fits in the upper control arm cast part of the front axle...
The JJ that go on the axle for the uppers are nice. The side where the pumpkin is presses in and the other side you have to cut the stock bracket off and weld the Currie bracket and JJ on.
RCP Phx said:
Thats a "NO" on the front axle bushings.I really like the RE joints alot better do to there ease of adjustment/rebuild!
I hate to disagree with you Phx, but on my rig I hate things that rattle loose & fall apart.....dont ask me why but this seems to be a problem on my rig. :D I prefer the JJs cause they cant rattle loose.
Me too,so I dont know what your trying to say!I had mine on for 2 years with nothing but greasing them.I just sold my kit to a friend and he's so impressed over his old set-up(was mine too).Try and dis-assemble/assemble the currie's(major PITA)!
Yeah, I had a hard time with them too until I figured out that I was smarter than the JJ was.
I guess Im just lucky,I couldnt afford to go to "JJ College".But with my RE ends you just gotta get thru "middle school".Owning a Currie joint is like going to Catholic school.if you dont get it right you get to do it over and over again!!!!
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How would a RE JJ come loose? There's a set screw keeping the adjustable collar in and the poly doesn't exactly wear out quickly. I bought my RE arms used from JohnBuuu and rebuilt them just as a matter of principle and the guts of the joints looked pretty damn good. Just my experience, YMMV
Bah, anything threaded will come loose eventually. That's why planes fall out of the sky people........ What'dya all have stock in RE or what? :D