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Jeep bikes...WOW


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The bikes sold under the Jeep name have been impressive right from the start, but this year's lineup is quite amazing. Check out the top of the lin all-wheel-drive Rubicon mountian bike.....Great, now I have another Jeep related thing I just HAVE TO HAVE.


3000 dollars??!


You can buy a cherokee for that much.

Im sorry, but that much money on a bike is just plain stupid.
I'd love to test ride one on the slickrock trail, see if I can ride those climbs instead of walking up!
For that price I'd expect XTR componants but at least it has some XT. It's gotta be heavy though and I'm holdin out for the price to drop on light weight full suspension, like the $5,000 Rocky Mountain I was looking at recently with XTR and spinergy wheels, very light!!! no way I'll ever be able to afford it. A new bike is way down on priorities .....Gotta build an XJ among a few other things!
Yeah, That's a serious chunk of change, but it is a cool idea. It's probably heavy as hell, but look how far mountain bikes in general have come in a relatively short period of time. Give that concept a few years and they'll be crankin those things out in fancy alloys and fibers and stuff. The price will inevitably drop too, although I suspect not much.
You can buy an AWD kit for any Mt.Bike and it would be less expensive and better equipped than that thing. Don't buy it!!!

I wonder who makes the frames for them since it closely resembles a Haro frame. Monroe doesn't make a bicycle suspension fork either so they had somebody make that for them. I also wonder how long it would take for me to ruin that AWD system with a bunch of mud and rocks jammed in those gears?

In short get a different full suspension bike and it will cost less, weigh less, and have better parts.
That doesn't look like such a good idea, that gear looks like it would wear out with dirt and all that crap on it, but it is still extremely cool! Someone should come up a set up like, I think it was Ohlins, for dirtbikes that used a small hyd pump with a line going to small hyd. motor and somehow connected to the front wheel. It was a cool looking set up but probably would cost tons of $$
Looks to me like all the gearing is sealed up within the tubes, the picture showing them is just a cutaway. I would love to try that bike out. The brakes are not just disc either, they are hydraulic!

Yeah you are probably right. Too bad Jeep wasn't giving them away with new Jeeps like VW was a few years ago with trek.
Put some KC Dalighters and a Warn Wench on one of them bad boys!!

...be stylin'
XJguy said:
The brakes are not just disc either, they are hydraulic!


Sorry but they aren't hydraulic. Those are Avid cable actuated disc brakes that run about $140 per wheel retail. Like I said overpriced for what you get.
Well I am just going by what they say,

BRAKES: Diatech Anchor Hydraulic disc front & rear

It might be overpriced but impressive, at least to me.

Ok I think I found the mfgr of this bike. Looks like the same frame and everything plus they have all of the development history and links to news articles etc. check it out... http://www.christini.com
The awd bike thing has been tried 100 times over. The weight penalty makes it a not worthwile endever. Whoever posted in this thread about it being overpriced is right. I worked at a bike shop for several years and just recently quit racing downhill due to injuries. If you must have a Jeep bike go buy a Specialized or something else cool and put Jeep stickers on it. Or if you want to spend the big bux Porsche made some kick ass bikes a few years back (they may still). You could buy the same bike from the people who made it for Porsche for a grand less (but it didn't say Porsche on it then).

my .02 ;)