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JBrobeck and others NO Start XJ question

Dave in ABQ

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hello, I have 92 XJ with a two year old Optioma Red batterry that is no longer a daily driver. Recently I have needed a jump start to get her going. She starts right up after the jump and I can drive around fine. When I stop, it needs another jump.

On a previous thread JBrobeck asked the thread starter if the jumper cables were hooked up positive to pos battery terminal, neg to neg baterry terminal, or negitive cable to the engine block. No one answered. I've been hooking up the neg jumper to the big bolt near the coolant sensor/valve. Any input on what's happing? Could I have a loose connection or a bad ground? Drain in my electrical system? Help please!

The only real way to know if a battery is good or bad (unless it´s dead, dead) is taking it to a shop and having a load test done. A quick test is, the voltage, while turning the starter over, shouldn´t fall much below 8-9 volts, just a sign not a diffinitive test.
Try unhooking your negative battery cable, while it´s sitting, if it cranks right up (after sitting), chances are, you have a current leak someplace.
Good clean connections are a must, especially in winter.
Leaving a battery dead, for long periods of time, often isn´t good for it. Sometimes get away with, often not and the battery never seems to work well again.
I always hook up to the battery, often hard to find a good clean (paint and grease free) spot to hook the ground to. Battery terminals are often greased, sometimes hard to get a good contact.
Takes awhile to get a good (full) charge on a battery, like an hour of driving around (or longer).
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Thank you for your reply. I'm going to try the negative cable off try first. Then I guess its battery check or current leak time. Good info about the 1hr drive. I didn't think of that Duhh!