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Is there anybody out there?


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Sandy, UT
Just to update you all, I have not been doing anything with this site or my XJ since about the beginning of June when I spent 8 days in the hospital. I have been off work since then, with extensive treatments and am trying to decide which way my health will go which, in turn will decide whether I retire from work officially. That's my story.

Now, is there anyone out there who wants to get together for even an easy jaunt out into the mountains or some target shooting? I would like to hear from you.
Steve, sorry to hear that you're still dealing with health issues. There are some folks still around, but mostly lurking I suppose. I turned some wrenches on my Jeep today and drove it for the first time in 5 months. My home remodel project has me busy every night and weekend, but I'm making progress and hope to have it wrapped up by the end of August. I can then spend some time with the Jeep and get out on the trail.
That's one. You are kind of like me. After a trip to Moab, 4-corners, Valley of the Gods, Natural Bridges, and the length of highway 12 with some stops the second week of May, I parked mine and only started it up today. Started right up and appeared anxious to go. I probably should post up some of those pics, but almost none is of an XJ. I did get a friend's picture at the Forrest Gump site (where he stopped running).
I'm still checking in now and then, though I missed this post for a few weeks. I'd be up for a Providence Canyon run one of these weekends in the JKRU. The Cherokee is still a running basket case parked in the back yard.

That's two. There has been no chatter about the Fall Fling this year, either. Since it looks like I will still be on medical leave from work at that point, maybe I'll send out some "feelers" to the whole of NAXJA and see who is interested. If there is some, I could at least start some trail runs and organize a dinner. Of course, if my health goes south everyone would be on his own for the time. One final note, there was some talk of moving to Sand Hollow at those dates (around October 5-8 or whatever corresponds to Wednesday through Saturday). There has been no talk lately, so I propose that it stay in Moab, which is the traditional location.
I'd be interested in fall fling if it stays in Moab. Can't say for sure weather id make it because of school. It's kind of a long trip for me, but I'd definitely make an effort to get out there if it happens.
The Fall Fling this year would be 10-15 vehicles if we are lucky and it would all be informal. Unless someone really wants it, we would just meet and decide who wants to go where that day. If you want the whole treatment with organized trail rides, wait until 2018 and save up for the trip.
Id still be interested even if it was smaller, I'm just looking for an excuse to go back to Moab this year. I'd be fine if it was 5-10 rigs, I just don't wanna show up and be the only one haha.