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Finished welding up this one at midnight last night.

I need one of those! I'll have to see if I can find one at the junkyard

Anyone else still have any RHXJ swag?


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Yep, got stickers on two of the jeeps also

Where is the build thread on that willys pickup? I remember it. Have a link handy?

There isn’t one…yet. My dad purchased it in ‘73, he was 18 and so was the Willys. He drove it for about 10 more years and then it wasn’t safe to drive.

Its been stored in different places ever since including my last house and now this house. The barn build is in support of he and I restoring the Willys.

mac ‘sooner than later’ gyvr


Anyone else still have any RHXJ swag?

Look real close and there’s an RHXJ sticker in the top left of my back window…

mac ‘best pic I can find atm’ gyvr
John @lesslimited
Do you have that photo of you on white knuckle Hill from like 20 years ago available? I'm probably running behind the rocks tomorrow.
I'm sure it's gotten much worse since I did it. One of the old timers that was with us that time remembered driving it at 40 mph in a dump truck when it was a county highway.