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We've kinda run out out of places to put rocks, and I think we've only gone collecting once since Moab.

Once I get the garage project done, the next project will be the lower yard so we'll need a lot of rocks for that.
I grabbed a rock from the creek last weekend. It was a good looking rock. :D
That must have been the shimmer!
Lol, Cindy once picked up a rock that was shiny, because I had peed on it. Now we always warn each other.
Join or renew today folks! We got off to a great start! Sierra Chapter has caught up! We still got a great chance to win the BIG DAWG chapter prize!!!

Chapter contest 3-25.JPG

mac 'let's gooooooooooooooooo!' gyvr

Bottom of my JT is starting to look like my old XJ…

mac ‘skid plates are goooood’ gyvr

Get it done today to be eligible for prizes and get the MWC the Chapter BIG DAWG prize!!!

mac 'LAST MINUTE IS TODAY!!!' gyvr
Made a quick trip to little Rock AR over Easter weekend. Got to hangout with grandparents and extended family. Even climbed a mountain.

Pic for proof 20240331_104508(0).jpg
We were talking about a trip to lake Ouachita area so the hot springs place is on my list. They also have scenic dirt/gravel roads around that area that look worth checking out.
When people ask what I do with my membership cards…

mac ‘hang em’ gyvr
So you belong on a shelf, huh? Maybe channeling either Steve Miller, or maybe Golden Earrings?
Either way, I'm impressed.