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Is Tapatalk still supported? This looks nice! Although I agree with Sam, BRIGHT! we've gotten too used to dark mode on every app
I suppose, but this update should making unnecessary.

mac 'is that a word?' gyvr

This is nice!
Pics look much better than Tapatalk
Good riddance, I hated Tapatalk but also hated the old vBulletin on phone. This is nice. And Is it just me or are a bunch of dead photo links working?
You got a link to the reborn photos?

mac ‘curiosity killed the cat’ gyvr
But at least I have shiny new rear pads,rotors, and calipers so I can stop if someone falls out.View attachment 11131
I've been in AZ long enough that rust looks strange.

But I'm still driving my 96 that's pretty much missing the rocker panels, and the floors are not long for this world...
I remember grabbing power seat bases from the junkyard in Blue island and only having to remove one bolt
I remember when I picked up Pat's Jeep I was surprised how clean it was, but for Arizona standards it's a rust bucket lol. That reminds me I still haven't run up to visit you. Maybe if I can get back to work on the jeep I can finally start wheeling again, the reason i moved here to begin with! 1000004276.jpg
Temporary permanent floor pans fix to get me through WF. 20240302_220325.jpg
Good to see mall crawlers are still a minority :p