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Immobile tire rod


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So I'm trying to get my toe into spec (or at least closer) and I can't for the life of me get the tie rod to turn. I've got both clamps loosened hit it with PB Blaster a couple times. I'm using a big pair of channel locks to grip it. I'm going to see if I have a lock jaw pliers but I don't know if I do. Any other suggestions? It appears that the tie rod has to be turned what I would consider clockwise, top of the shaft towards the rear of the vehicle, to decrease the distance between the front of the tires. Is this correct? Appreciate the help.
Thanks for the replies guys. It was getting dark so I tightened the clamps back up. Tomorrow is another day (next week....next month....you know how it goes). I'll have to get a pipe wrench.

The ZJ tie rod is on my list of upgrades. My finances just haven't caught up to my list yet....
If you have a you-pull-it yard nearby, you can probably get a V8 ZJ tie rod for ten bucks. I did for both my jeeps, add another dollar for a packet of 3 1.5"x1/8" stainless steel cotter pins and you are done. WAY easier to adjust - make sure you put penetrating lube on it and break the adjuster free before you put it on the vehicle just to make things easier on yourself.
I had the same problem.

Ended up putting the thing in a vice and using a big pair of locking pliers with a 4 foot cheater bar. It took a LOT of force to turn it. I also hit it with a little heat from a small propane torch and lots of PB.

With jobs like this, don't mess around with tools that are too small. Its SUPER frustrating. Just get/borrow the right tools and you'll be amazed how smoothly things go.
Yeah, my dad's 18" pipe wrench wasn't enough. I hit it with some more PB and will give it another shot in the morning. I guess if that doesn't do it I'll hit it with some heat. I had thought about that but today wasn't the day for that. With as much of an issue this has been I'm even more motivated to get the ZJ one. I just don't have a U-Pull-it closer than about an hour and a half....
When I aligned my '95 jeep with V-8 ZJ tie rod adjusting sleeve, I learned quickly that it also DEPENDS on where you put the wrench on the sleeve. I loosened it up and couldnt turn it the living out of me till i reposition the pipe wrench on the sleeve then it turn REALLY easy!

make sure you not torquing it in a way that you're "tightening" the sleeve which in result no adjusting at all.