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I'm so proud, baby got her first rock rash!

Jump This

Just another minion!
It seemed like a rather unintimidating trail to start. I was sure the sign at the start of the trail was exagerated. It said something like 'extreme trail, highly modified vehicles only, lockers highly recommended, leave note at ranger station prior to attempting, don't bring wife along if you are still making payments on your rig.'
So I took my; open diff. wife toting,pristine body rig right up it. Why should I head back to the ranger station, nobody was there anyway...heck nobody was within 10 miles of this trail :)D) Well I had almost made it up to the top (like I know where the top is!) When them damn CJ guys made such a tight corner that it took a couple of back and forth passes just to get lined up to climp the rest of the rock pile. After watching a rock I knocked loose tumble off the 80' cliff the wife bailed on me! :eek: :eek: At this point (I'm a slow learner) I decided it might be better just to turn the rig around and head back down the hill. Did I mention how tight this corner was? In my futile attempts to pull a 48 point turn to get the rig heading down hill again I ran it up on the rocks and it just kinda fell off the side of one and well....... she got her first rock rash!!:clap:
I still can't believe how much fun this XJ thing is!!!!
well its like they say, "If you haven't broken Something Yet, Your not trying hard enough."
:D !
I think I know what the problem here was... as you were approaching the obstacle, you should have thought to yourself: I am gonna Jump This :D

My mentor has made me promise not to 'mash the skinny.' (nail the throttle) And don't think I havn't looked at an obsticle and thaught that the easiest way over might just well be GOING OVER!