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I need tires! Which?


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Ok, so I got my leaf springs all fixed up with some new shackles installed and I'm looking at the work and notice air leaking from my right rear tire, which are quite bald. I threw some fix-a-flat stuff in there that will get me to work for a couple days until I get new tires. I can't choose what to run though.

The 35x14.5 SS Boggers have been impressed. Even though they are bald, they do excellent in sand, which im in alot. THey seem to do well everywhere as well.

However. Im looking at the 36x13.5 Irok's. And I pulled out a guy today running Irok's and he said that they were awesome(i was pulling him out though). Then an owner of a 4x4 shop says that his do great.

Whats the tread life like on them? Like mileage wise? I plan on driving ridng my bike to work everyday this summer. But I want the tires to last atleast one year. They can die their death the day after 1 year is up, I just need them to last that long.

Should the IroK's be good for me? Do they do well in sand?

Any other recomendations?
Pirelli P7's Very Sticky Tire.

Lets see, you are going from bald tires to very expensive one

I guess you are rolling in the money huh? The IROK's are a great trail tire but a lousey road tire, they are very soft and have a very short on road life span, or so Im told
I know that they dont really have a long life on the road. But how comparible are they to the boggers as far as road use goes? The boggers are a 20,000 mile tire right? I only go about 10,000 miles a year and I plan on replacing the tires in a year anyway, I just dont want to do so before then.
why not just go snag another pair of boggers if you liked them so much? another suggestion would be some tsl radials. aggressive - yet last longer than most tires