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i need brake help!!


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i just put a rubicon lift on my 89 and i have yet to get the brakes working right after putting on the new extended brake lines. i have tried bleeding it several times, but cant seem to get it right. thought i had a bad MC so i replaced that. after bench bleeding and droping it back in, its a little better but not enough. do i just need to keep trying to bleed it? might i still have some air up in there? it seems like i am going in circles trying to bleed the lines.
Start bleeding at the right rear, then go to the left rear.. After that go to the right front, then left front.. Always start as far as you can from the master cyn.. HTH
yeah im goin in the right order. it seems like its taking a lot longer then it should. im mechanically inclined but never done brake lines b4, thats all.
i think that a previous owner/mechanic may have installed the calipers backwards and still got the brakes bled. the bleeder seems to be on the bottom of where the piston is in the caliper. does that make sense? like there switched is that possible? anyone got pics of the left and right installed correctly?
the calipers look similar... obviously. but in relationn to the pistion theyre on the bottom. can i switch them left to right, right to left? im thinking this could b where my problem is
Only difference in the calipers is where the bleed screw is. If you look at the backside of it, you will see there are two bosses for the bleed screw. One will be drilled, tapped and have the bleeder in it, the other is just the plain boss.