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I love it when a plan comes together ...

PA Highlander

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... or at least starts to come together. 8)

It looks like my re-gearing project is off to a good start. I have picked up from JU members a set of 4.56's for the 8.25 (w/ 6K on it) and a D30 carrier w/ spiders (w/ 5K on it). So far including shipping charges I'm $99 into the project and both these items will be here in about a week.

To continue the upgrade in the cheapest manner possible, I now need to find 4.56's for the D30 and buy the master rebuild kits for both axles. Anyone have suggestions for the best price of these ... I doubt I can be lucky enough to find another set of used gears (but I am hoping!). Then there's the big expensive part - finding someone or a shop that can do the installs without screwing me. Suggestions are welcome, depending on cost I might be able to afford the install in a month or so (sooner if I sell some more junk on eBay).
Pretty sure that Nick has an extra Dana 30 master rebuild kit. Nick96XJ, or gearwine. I dont remember his e-mail, but i think that its the same as his AIM name. Just a thought i guess, last time i knew that he had it was last month. Shoot him an e-mail. Hope it he helps you on your parts list.