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home fab track bar


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take one ome trakc bar, add heat, 1.125id heavy wall tubing, gr8 bolt and nut, a little welding and voila, one adjustable track bar




using a fine thread bolt i am within a 1/8th inch of center and i set the angles so at full droop and max flex there is no binding, i just dont know how well it will work when i build my long arm setup but for now it works killer and i have over 2.5 inches of threaded bolt inside the bar for extention

total cost for parts $2.25 for the nut and bolt from K-surpluss and $1 worth of 11018 welding rod, $5.00 for the electricity ( paid to my wife ) and total time from start of removal to compleation of install, 8.5 hours ( in two segments 7.5 on day 1 and 1 on day 2 paint drying over nite )
what do you think?
what, did i leave every one speachless or what? is it that good? come on, what do you guys think? did i leave a flaw or is it unsafe or what? :skull2: or:woohoo:

let me know

did you see the price list, the whole thing was less than a heim joint and about the same as a bushing. it was simple economics.

I appreciate the effort put into the thing.

My only qualm is the fact that the bolt is simply butt welded onto the bar end.
The only thing I would have done differently would have been to get a longer bolt, cut off the head, and insert it into the bar. Then rossette and lap weld it.

As I said, fine effort to save some $.
clarification i ground down the end of the stock track bar and did a fillet weld on it( the stock track bars are solid ), i also ground down the head of the bolt about a 1/16 to get good clean metal to weld to. i can assure you it is solid.

thanks for the compliments. and the critisisums too, all are welcome and appriciated.

I thought you used an OME track bar.
What you must've meant was OEM.
Never mind then.

Just puleeeeze keep an eye on the weld.
Nice craftsmanship.
Thats the way I have done things. Im used to making things myself. I am a big supporter of www.homemadeturbo.com its mostly Hondas but some other vehicles. I made all my own parts for my turbo Honda. I have a lot of respect for your finished bar. I know the time that goes into custom pieces. The fit and finish is top notch. Well done.
nope no jam nut, the nut and bolt are fine thread ( 1"X 14 thred ) and the nut when welded contracted and got tighter and there is NO PLAY AT ALL, the jam nut is not on there to prevent the bar from accadently slipping longer or shorter, the nut is there to keep the track bar solid, no play, and since the bolt and nut were so tight that it took the wrench and a cheater bar and all my strength ( and im not weak ) to adjust it i really dont feel the need for one:lecture:

how about
I piece tube free in garage left over dom
(used this piece to get correct bent angle)

and one heimjoint $12 on ebay
and one couplernut $2.97(turned down and bung welded
and one 3/4" bolt and nut $1.50

some 6013
and the bushing from the stock track bar

awlllllllllllllll crap
need a track bar bracket

perhaps some scrap steel I had lying around $0
and viola\

ok, what ever floats your boat. i trust my work, and thought i would share some ideas on working within a budget. if you have the skill and the equipment, it can be done

thats all i have to say about that:lecture: .

Here's mine.
1 heim joint with tube adapter $40
1 piece of DOM tubing $5
1 used track bar $5

And here is my homemade swaybar disco.
2 Reese fifth wheel hitch pins-free
4 washers-free
2 cotter clips-free
VegasAnthony said:

awlllllllllllllll crap
need a track bar bracket

perhaps some scrap steel I had lying around $0
and viola\

ok, now lets see it installed on your rig:exclamati