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Historic Attica Hotel


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NAXJA Member
I made reservations at the Attica Hotel. Figured it would be closer than running to Lafayette each night. Anyone ever been there? Is the place a dump or is what??? Is it clean? What's the scoop?

Let me know,
bed n breakfest

were staying at the apple inn bed n breakfest about four blocks from badlands. its only 65. a night with breakfest. don't know about kids but i don't think any of us would care in the group and the owners are cool.
Apple Inn

Last year I called there and they said no kids. The Attica hotel is $50 per night and can't be too terribly far from the Bad Lands.

Temps supposed to be in the single digits at night in Attica, glad Christine said no to camping. Yes, I am a wus, but I'm man enough to admit it. I'm not a closet wus like Beezil.

Bob, you know that place is haunted right? Do a search on google, pretty funny little paranormal group did their thing there one night. Now I'm contemplating staying there :shock:

Anyone for a seance

I'm brining an Ouija (sp) board. :twisted: The camping thing is for wussy's. Who wants to camp when you can stay in a haunted hotel where Al Capone once stayed. Christine don't seem too excited about it though. :?