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In and out burger.. sucks


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Decided to try it pulled in the line is huge they have no bacon offering and very basic shit ..what's the fuss bk is better.

Alright now after eating the two double double burgers and fries I can honestly say I don't at all understand the massive lines that exist at in and out much less the craze around the place when it opened as their double double looks and tastes pretty much like a double jack from jack in the box which only tastes like a churched up big Mac... A Texas double whopper is more tasty than a in and out burger a Wendy's pub burger is better than either.I just figured they had to have some really kick ass burgers based on the people flocking there .
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I don't get it either. Tried in once in LA. It's ok but can't figure out the hype.
I'm with you! Don't understand the hype at all!
IMO it's a good burger, but no not worth the ridiculous line. Here in Phoenix they always have a huge line at the one close by me, so i usually end up at Portillos(a Chicago chain) which has a better burger. Come to think of it, we have Portillos, in-n-out, whataburger, shake shack, Habit grill, 5 guys, all within a couple mines. No wonder I'm fat

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