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hey farmer matt



i was lookin at a pic of your rig and i noticed what looked like axle lower control arm reenforcements.
they look like they are grey or white maybe?

are they home made brackets?
that picture made me want to roll under and start wrenching.

Ever think about resizing that picture. We know you're Jeep is hugh but come on you don't need to flaunt it.

orgs mfg :D
You have size envy or or some other disorder Mark? You just wish you could run 35" tires like the big boys with that little lift of yours don't you? Come on admit it. We've already gotten Paul Sinclair to convert over. It's only a matter of time my friend. :twisted:

Well, Now that you mention it, I just did mount up a set of 35" MTRs on some beadlocks for the MJ just the other day. :shock:

orgs mfg