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Citrus Heights
hey dude want to machine out some knucles for me!!!!!!! i am going to probably going to put new steering on my phat rig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have any good ideas! look at this does this look good!!


I don't see how they got a full turn to right with that set up. Maybe a tj d-30
is differant that an xj. With an xj you need to move the track-bar if you do it that way.

IIRC, the TJ crowd didn't think much of that steering setup for rigs driven on road. Even for a trail only rig there are issues on the pass side TB mount and spring mount at full lock.

for other options, IMO, the currie setup is about as good as one can do with the wimpy dana 30 knuckes, but I'm not sure if its for XJs or not and it is pricey, very pricey.

IMO next best would be to move the driver side TRE over the knuckle, but you have to relo the SB mount and clearance the spring mount.

still leaves you with a stock draglink though which is, as you know the weak link in the whole setup.

btw, any of us running a stock DL should carry a 12" section of tube that will fit over the DL where yours broke. I highlift handle can work but I think a premade, pre-cut section of the right Inside diameter tucked away someplace is a better choice.

good luck,

- Dan
thanx for the input dan. i am just looking for something cheap i looked at the currire and it works but it is so expsensive i am looking for something that will cost just as much as about a stock draglink ($70-$130) - labor. i know it has been done.
If you are trying to use rod ends you'll never make for that much money.
A good FK rod end will set you back at least 30.00 each. If you can get someone to weld up the links you can do it for about 250.00 in parts.

I think the stock DL will do Ok if its trussed. I'm looking to make a sleeve like truss for mine, but I need an extra draglink so I can fab it ( hint ;) hint ;) )

everyone I've ever seen bent or busted has been in the same spot.

- Dan
To do a nice DOM and rod end steering will run about $200. You will need to cut off the sway bar mounts and relocate, as well as relocate the track bar at the axle end.

I've built to or three of these systems, and the owners have been very happy with the results.

SeanP and RichardG have also built similar systems and are very happy with them.