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help with skyjacker adjustable trackbar install


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i just bought the skyjacker adjustable trackbar and steering stabilzer kit
this kit relocates the track bar to the oem steering stabilzer location
my problem is i have jks discos and i cannot mount the new steering stabilzer because of this
if anyone has this same setup please let me know if you came up with a way around this, i wanna try to avoid the u bolt mounting kits for the stabilizer
please only respond if you have this same setup as it is very hard to explain if you dont
whats wrong with the u-bolts?????? :? hey i don't even run a stabilizer they are pointless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and didn't skyjacker give u a differnet way to mount the stablizier?>???

ubolts would be ok, but id rather bolt to a more secure location
plus the kit doesnt come with a ubolt mounting kit, so id have to buy it
they give you a bracket that works with only reg swaybar links or most brand disconnects, but they will not work with jks discos, im looking for someone that fabbed something up to be able to use jks discos and still mount the stabilizer
its hard to explain, if you had this setup it would be very clear what im talking about
We are all flattered out here in the Sierra Chapter that you would choose our forum for your trackbar questions. We are, however, trying to keep the tech in the Mod Forum where it belongs. Believe me, you will get a far better response over there.


From what I have seen of the Skyjacker setup if you have anything other stock steering they expect you to use the u bolts and you can buy what you need at Orchard or another hardware store. If you have fabbing skills just weld on a bracket and some tabs for the connection.