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help oil filter adapter/elbow leaking


New member
adapter leaking on my 93 i6 how does it come off and what to replace thanks, btw spent 3 hours replacing pan gasket last night thought that was it
There should be an Allen screw through the filter adapter, but it is kind of hard to see. If I recall, there are qty=3 o-rings that need to be replaced at this time
When mine started leaking, I took it off, cleaned it and the flange, took out the o-ring, and applied blue rtv to the o-ring and flange and tourqed it back down. Let it sit till the rtv cures. It fixed mine.
Yes, just go to the dealer and pick up the 3 o-rings for the oil filter adaptor. It not hard to do. I think it cost me less than $10 for all 3 O rings, nice to know you have the right ones on hand BEFORE you start the job.

There is a write up on www.madxj.com showing how to change from the pre 91 oil filter adaptor to the 91 & later version. It has good pictures and once you read that you will be ready to do the work yourself.