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Help - Need Tire size ideas!


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OK - Here's my problem (if that's what it really is!)

I am thinking of going to 35's and my left and right brain are fighting over whether or not this would be a good idea!

Here's my arguments, let me know what you think!

[b:be1d864338]For 35s:[/b:be1d864338] I have the lift height (8"+) and I can trim a little more so they will fit. Got the MIT SYE, Tom Woods DS, 4:56's, Rear D44 w/Detroit. They would look really cool and give alittle more height to clear 'dem big rocks. Won a pair of 35s at NACFest and just bought a spare 35 for $20 so I really only need to buy 2 more tires.

[b:be1d864338]Against 35s:[/b:be1d864338] My XJ is my daily driver. I still have the D30 (260 U-Joint) in front. Center of gravity is getting pretty high already more height will just make it higher. My 33" MTR's work great and still have 60% tread left. I'll have to buy 2 more tires which means less money to other mods I want to do, like get a winch and do a front hub conversion.

So, let me have it - WHAT SIZE TIRE?
GO BIG,it would look schweet with 35's and the big rocks wouldn't seem as big and the bigger rocks would be do-able.
Get the winch, let your 33s wear out then go bigger. Unless you could get a buyer for the 33s, which would pay for the cost of your two 35s. then you have money left over. Myself going from 33s to 36s made a big difference. Got hung up allot less and only put two scratches on my new rockrails all weekend. Oh yea get a set of 297 front shafts from warn rather than buying the hub conversion. good luck

Oh yea i might be having a set of 36 x 12.5 TSL-SX for sale around winter. They have about 60 miles on them right now and dont expect to put more than 60 more by than time. I love the look of the 37 x 13 boggers. And they will fit, just wont be able to put my jeep on the trailer anymore.

man pete you suck......but I would consider buying them if you do in fact go to boggers. I was considering either what you have now or 35x14 boggers as my next tire. Oh well...You better have those new axles in by time you get the boggers. later _Nick_
I recommend you get new axleshafts for the front with the 297 u-joints, and sell off the 33's. I am sure someone is looking for a set of 33" MT/R's. Do some fender trimming all the way around, and pick up a set of 35's. I just trimmed my fenders and it worked out real well. I obtained an additional 3" all the way around and re-mounted my stock fender flares. It worked out really well, I now have plenty of clearance for the 35" MT/R's I am picking up this weekend :D :D

The way I trimmed, I left the front fender liners in, trimmed the entire lip off the fenders (plus about 1/4") and mounted the liner to the new mounting hardware for the relocated flare. For the rear, I trimmed the outermost lip off and slotted the welded lip and bent it in about 1.5" all the way around the rear wheelwells. I then mounted the rear flares with the bottom edge of the flare even with the bodyline.

As for the hub kit, I decided not to spend any more money on the D30, and use it for a D44 front. Once I put the 35's on, I feel that I am at the largest tire size that my drivetrain can reasonably handle, until the D44 finds its way under my Jeep.

Hope this helps,

OK - decision update.

I have someone interested in buying my 4 running 33's, County is buying back my spare 33 (never touched ground and still has blue stuff on) and I am getting a good deal on new 35" MTR's so the cost will be small to get the 35's on.

My final few hold-backs are;
1. This is my daily driver so I am unsure how I will like running an XJ with 35's on a daily basis.
2. My back bumper is already at 30.5" (limit is 30") and with the 35's will be closer to 31/32" so inspection will become a BIG problem. I could find a set of 31's and swap them on but I will also have to swap in a different speedo gear as well because they check it on the dyno when doing the emission test.
3. Center of gravity will be high. I don't mind scraping my skid plates, but I DO mind rolling over!

Andy - Are you still a current EC4x4E member? If not you and some of you other local guys should become members. We will be having our yearly BBQ the same weekend as the NAC BBQ and will be having some great raffle prizes, I'm not telling what but a hint is some of the things will help you get unstuck (like an XJ ever really gets stuck!)

Sounds like you need a spare set of "on-road" tires. I know someone that has a complete set of 33" BFG AT's for sale. ( No, its not me, I'm keeping my AT's for just such a reason.) I think he only wants like $200 for the set. You could use them for driving to and from work, then swap on the 35's when its time to go wheeling. Yep, I'm still a member of EC4x4E, the BBQ is the same weekend as the NAC BBQ? Is it the same day? Where is it going to be this time? The same park up on 23? I have been very bad about hanging out with the EC group this year. Just have not had the time. It seems like every time the monthly meeting comes up, I have something going on.

The 33" AT's sound like a good plan. Let me know for sure if they are avail and how used they are.

The EC BBQ is on sunday and the NAC BBQ is on sat (if I am correct) so you should try to make it to both. Yes, it is at the same place as last year. So far the product donations to our raffle are; 40% discount cert from ARB, Throttle Body spacer from PowerAID (any application), Auto finish products from Mequiar's, PowerAIR 20lb Tank/Regulator/25' Hose/Handle, Videos and misc straps/hooks from OK4WD, and a WARN Winch partially donated from COUNTY Chrysler along with some other misc stuff. The club is buying the food and drink. You must be a member to attend (significant others are welcome as well) so if you guys can make it that would be great.

BTW - Can you make the MidAtlantic ride next weekend? We will be having a dinner sat nite (at RedRidge) with possibly another winch to give away from MidAtlantic, food is free to MidAtlantic members.
John, something to remember is you're only raising your vehicle 1" higher. My junk sits on 8.5" of lift so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to run 35's, I think you should just go straight to 37's though :twisted: I can't wait to come back over and wheel with you guys.

Hmmm 37's - Not yet, this is still my daily driver. The 35's go on tomorrow, I hope I like them because I have my 33's sold so I can't go back.

Sean, You should try to get out here in Sept for the NeuRok Competition at Paragon. It's a $300 entry fee but the prizes are pretty good, I think last I checked; 1st: $2500 2nd: $1500 3rd: $300. A lot of the big names from out west will be here including the Curries and some otheres, Tom Wood confirmed last week that he will be coming to compete as well. It should be a pretty good event. It'd be nice to see an XJ out do those damn SWB Jeeps!
That does sound like a pretty cool event. I am still trying to contact the person who has the 33" BFG AT's, are you still interested? He drives a truck and is hard to catch up with sometimes. The tires are at about 80%, so still in very good shape. Glad to hear you got the 35's.

Now I am sitting at about 28.5-29" bumper height all the way around, with the 35's mounted up. I am getting close to pushing the bumper height limit too now. Ohh well, we'll see if I get hassled by the local fuzz.

I thought you would be sitting higher than that. I am at 30.5" rear with the 33's, should be close to 31.5" with the 35's.

Yea the rockcrawl does sound cool. I may be entering with someone as their spotter, may know more tomorrow. I actually thought of entering the XJ but am not sure if I'm built enough for that yet though I do think I (or other regular PAP members) will have the advantage by knowing the trail better than the travel-in guys so the table may be a little more balanced. It'd still be fun to spectate if not participating.

Can you make the Aug 10th EC4x4E ride at PAP? Be good to show up with some XJ's to run around with them shorter guys!
No, Unfortunately I will have very little time this month to go wheeling, I have to help my sister and brother-in-law move that weekend. I may end up skipping the EC4x4E picnic just so I can do a little bit of wheeling with the NAC group on Sunday. I know its only the Pine Barrens, but any sort of wheeling will satisfy my urge to get on some trails at this point. I have even been eyeballing a few construction sites on my drive home from work.....hmmm....., nah better not, those fines suck. My cousin Todd will be at the EC4x4E picnic with his CJ though.

So you still want those 33" BFG AT's?

If you want to enter your XJ, I'll spot for ya!!! :D :D

Not sure about the tire - I'll let you know.

BTW - The Fish & Game Rangers have been cracking down REALLY hard in the Pines this summer. They have been handing out $1500 fines to offroaders (Vehicles and motorcycles) for being on unauthorized trails and for any type of water incursions (including any creek crossings). They have also been fining canoer's on certain waterways. Most all of the canoe companies have been put out of business and most all of the lakes are now closed. I talked to Mike Tarsia (the guy who organized the Pines Clean-up) and he confirmed the problems. He said as long as the road/trail you are on is on a USGS map, then you have legal access to it, if not you WILL be fined. He is actually camping this weekend so I might run down sat to try out the new tires.
Where's Pines at? I've found some nice trails out near Parker dam but now I'm spooked to getting a $1500 fine.