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head swap 0630 and 0331


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I have been out of the jeep game for about a year but I just picked up a 1996 cherokee country with low compression on one cylinder for cheap. It is a confirmed exhaust valve on cylinder 2.
I bought a complete head for it from a guy who seemed to know jeeps really well. Probably played me to get rid of the 0331 head. :flamemad:

So now I have a 0331 head that I is good and I have the original 0630 head in the jeep that needs a valve job.

Question is should I just swap the head to the 0331? Will that work with intake and exhaust?
Or should I sell the 0331 and look for a complete 0630?
Or should I just do a valve job on the head I have?
valve job = $50 for lapping, and grab the valves from the 0331 head if the 0630 are bugared, sell the 0331 and use whatevers left for head porting kit, gaskets and head bolts.
Dump the 0331 head. There are plenty of people out there who think that only a small percent are affected. I know better. I have an 0630 to swap put on my 2000 myself. Why put work into somthing that is always going to worry you. And the exhaust ports are smaller too!
The thing is I am on a really low budget right now. Broke college student.
This head will bolt right onto my 96 correct?
Having the older style exhaust manifold wont hurt anything but what about the intake? It looks like mine will swap right in.
How about the newer style intake? Will that swap right in?