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Reasons for white exhaust smoke besides head gasket?


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Hello all,
I have a 1998 jeep Cherokee 4.0 with 150,000 miles. I am getting considerable amounts of white smoke/steam out of the exhaust even after it has gotten up to operating temp. So I don't believe it to be condensation.
Compression tests were all good, 160-165 throughout.
Used a block tester multiple times (blue liquid in tube) no reaction.
I suppose I need to do a leak down test next but that will require me buying an air compressor and testing kit. I just want to hear if anyone knows of a reason the exhaust would be smoking besides coolant making its way into a combustion chamber.
I thought about leaking valve stem seals but I don't see any blue tint in the smoke, usually indicative of oil burning.
I'll include a link to a short video of the exhaust, video was taken after jeep had been up to operating temp. Sometimes it will smoke worse.
Humidity will do that, and by the condensation on your xj.......