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Hard starting problem


NAXJA Forum User
Antioch, CA
Howdy, after going through and working on my cooling system last week, my engine seems to be having trouble starting, and when I do get it running, it seems to really be dragging, almst like it was under a heavy load. I just had the CPS replaced, so I'm having trouble thinking that that may be the problem, so I'm looking for the next step before I have it hauled into the shop. Thanks for any help.
The work on the cooling system and the new problem might be related, but i doubt it. I think that's prolly a coincidence.

For the hard start and lack of power, I would look at
1. Dirty fuel injectors; try a bottle of in-the- tank stuff.
2. TPS; do a search, I've never worked on one on the XJ.
3. Possible bad tank of fuel?
4. Check the connection at the O2 (and all other) sensors. The 'puter will default to a run-rich condition which may be hard-starting in warm weather and runs smoothly but low on power and torque.