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H&T & Front D/S


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Clay County, IL
Well after searching, I'm a little confused. I've got a hack and tap, and need a d/s now. I found a front d/s out of a 99 XJ auto,?231? t/c at the local yard for $30. Also had a front d/s out of a 90 auto, which had a 242. Will this work for me? My rig is a 96, 242 and a D35. It also looks like I'm gonna need an adapter to connect the d/s to the h&t, where can these be purchased? Any helpful info. is appreciated!
hey i know that the adapter you are looking for is made by spicer, someone had one up for sale on here a couple of weeks ago....unfortunatly i dont know the specifics of that litle project, hope this helps...