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gasoline spill


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greensboro, NC
i spilled some gasoline in my car last week and i cannot get the smell out. i have aired the car out for several days, cleaned the carpet with carpet cleaner, and put a cut up potato in there. it wasnt that much gas and i cant think of anything else to do. if you have any suggestios please let be know. thanks.
Gotta light:smoker: :D

The only other thing that I can think of is to park it in the sun and crack open all the windows to ventilate.
What he said

A nice hot day and open windows is about all you can do. I used some febreeze to get an oil smell out once.
The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Fabreez helped a lot, but it still took a couple or three weeks for most of the stink to dissipate.
I read about this trick in Men's Health Mag of all places.
If you get gas on your hands/skin, wash them with the blue auto window cleaner solution to get rid of the smell.
Maybe this would work for cloth/carpet too?
steam/shampoo carpet cleaner will do it if you're willing to pay lie 30 dollars to rent one