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funny tech support stuff

The other side of that coin...

I worked in a place for a while that had a huge IBM laser printer. It stood about 5' tall and 3' x 6' sides. It would spit out paper at an incredible rate, until it broke down. This thing was chock full of gears and pulleys, as you might imagine.

The repair tech arrived, sporting long brown hair and a perfectly delightful figure. She took a panel off the side of the thing and went to work. During the repair she attached a big handle to one of the wheels so she could ratchet the thing forward. She did that and got her blouse and not a little bit of, uhhm, herself caught in a gear.

She yelped and that got all of our attention. She tried to extricate herself and started to tear the blouse and it was beginning to hurt. Her blouse, bra, and one of her ample charms were stuck tight in the machine.

She unbuttoned the blouse and bra and was free.

She stepped back from the printer then hauled off and kicked it with a tennis shoe. To our unbridled delight she hopped around on one foot for a good ten seconds before a good Samaritan arrived with a coat to cover her.

She recovered her clothes eventually, but not her composure.

Talk about getting yer t*t in a wringer...