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Full-Traction Transmission Crossmember/Skidplate install


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I picked up a used FT Transmission Crossmember/Skidplate. I also got the FT longarms/brackets and a bagful of hardware. I'm not sure if I got all the hardware, or exactly what the hardware I got is for (I do know the 8 lugnuts are not for either skid or LAs).

Does anyone have the instructions for installing this? I emailed FT, and they said they didnt have any, despite the website saying they do. The did sent me the LA instructions though.

It looks like I have one stud/nut and one bolt/weldnut per side holding the factory crossmember up. I'm not sure about the bolt, but the stud doesnt look long enough to leave any thread engagement with the FT skid. Am I supposed to pull the 2 studs out? TIA for any help.
I suspect you are supposed to pull the studs out, which might or might not be a problem. If it proves difficult, take a torch and heat up the surrounding metal then use vice grips.
Penetrating oil like P Blaster helps too.