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Front Leaf Spring Bolt ( I searched)


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Here is the deal, doesn't sound liek anyone elses problem.

I can barely get either one of the front leaf spring bolts to even move, have used huge pry bars and an impact wrench.

the passengers side i got to start moving, but i think i broke the nut in the frame rail, I realized i am going to have to cut the floor and go at it from the top.

But if i can't get them to move at all i dont see how me cutting the floor is going to help me move them.

I have used heat, tons of PB. I am thinking about just cutting the spring then the bolt. But im not sure how ill get the bolt part out around the nut, becasue i can't fit a drill in the hanger to drill it out.

Get the largest breaker bar and impact socket (21mm IIRC) that you can... If it still will not come loose, then it's sawzall time... Get quite a few blades, you'll need them. Cut both sides of the bolt off, and get the spring pack out - Your bolt is probably frozen in the metal sleeve... DO NOT pry with the spring pack against the welded nut - you will break it off, and then you will have to cut it out.... Hopefully you'll be able to get ahold of what remains of the bolt and back it out of the nut... HTH...