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front and rear bumper recomendations.


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im looking a front and rear bumpers. i would like people to post up what they have and what they like and dislike about them. after all this i will make a new thread comparing them and listing build specs/pros and cons. similar to my thread on rockrails. Please dont post up bumpers that you built yourself.....unless your selling bumpers. haha. im mainly looking for a good rear tire carrier to carry a 35in mtr. i am interested in a front winch bumper as well. If possible pics are great. thx all.
Sadly that thread possibly has the least amount of rear bumpers. There was another thread with a bunch of bumpers, front and rear but I think it got thrown in the garbage bin.

I run a Logan's Metal 4x4 bumper with a brush guard.
Pros: D ring tabs, winch mount, includes fairlead mount and two 1/4" mounting plates that extends further into the frame.
Cons: approach angle is so-so, no option for light tabs

For the rear bumper I'm currently 60/40 with either Custom4x4's or DetoursUSA Slimline.
I chose either based on price and the legality of it. By that I mean the lights are not blocked by the tire carriers.
I like Custom4x4 more because it includes the optional hi-lift jack mount as well as the gas can mount. I also like the fact it comes with rear lower panel guards.
I like Detours because the bumper and the lower panel guards are one assembly. However, what's leading me away from Detours is the lack of options and the tire carrier blocks the driver's side rear view.

I'll most likely be going with Custom4x4's bumper.
i run logan metal products front & rear bumpers on my junk.
they are always on ebay & priced right. think mine were $805 inc. shipping & brush guards.
they seem very well made for the price, although a bit light. (1/8" thick mostly, 3/16" winch mounting area) the d ring mounts are very stout. i ended up welding a pair of light tabs on mine, although i mounted my front license plate to them instead.
they fit the contours of the body well & came with grade 8 mounting hardware. i would buy them again.
Rigidco front.
I know you want a winch bumper, but still, check it out.
Mounting system.


Custom 4x4 rear.
-It's solid, fits great, looks awesome
-I can mount the hilift no problem, I just drilled 2 holes, welded two nuts to the bars, and made it so I can unbolt the hilift with the lug nut wrench
-Fits with a factory hitch, so I can tow no prob.
-Sideplates look great.