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Forum Fixer LIVE on web NOW.......

F. F.

RELAX, this is the WEB
See the cool corporate offices of the Forum Fixer at work..

RealPlayer needed.
Hmmm. as a few poeple complain, I figgured a few would log on to chat, or check out the cam and chat.

Guess everything is in order... ;)
Hehe Beez. :)

It was fun, had some friends on msn and the cam going, had a great time.

Still have it running. Need to play with some different encoders though, so that people don't have to use RealPlayer.
This live feed shiz could lead to impeachment..especially Woody's Profane Free Garage Cam. (not 'profane free' but profane AND free)

Swapped a serpentine belt on a 90's Crown Vicky today. It was a target rich enviroment LOL; I pity those mechanics who work on Fords every day... and I know why shops keep the customer out in the waiting room...