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Finished installing my D44 - few questions


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Austin TX
I just finished installing a D44 in my 91 laredo 4.0 with a 242 Tcase, I replaced the crappy AALs with a RE3.5 and netted an honest 3" in back. but, the front has sagged to 2". I figure my current height is largely because of front C4x4 bumper and winch, rear bumper and tire. Anyhow, I need to level it. Haven't driven it yet, as I also gutted the old ABS brake system and put in a 96 booster, and now I have to replace the front calipers (bleeder snapped off) so, I'm gonna put on YJ lines while it it apart.

Driveshaft length - I used the stock D35 shaft, and noticed it slid in a little further into the Tcase than before (Due to the longer shaft on the D44) - I'm thinking that I should clean it up with some emory cloth to get any crud off - Right?

Bump stops - One was missing, and the other looks like it is turning to dust - I measured them at 3" - I know I need to replace them - Should I just pick up some extended ones? I figure junkyard ones may be as dry rotted as the originals. . .

Lift height - I'd really like to get up to 4" - I have an extended shackle for the back, so no problem, and could put a 2" spacer in front but, can I get away for a little while without new LCAs?. . . Is the D44 more prone to vibes? I seemed fine at 3" and really don't have the money for a SYE yet. . . I could always drop back down to 3" pretty easy. . . Anyone with experience NP242 / D44 / 4" lift ?