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feeler: 3in coils, teraflex shakles, 3in lift lower arms...


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Corona CA
3in coils- procomp- 75$ - 6000miles on them.
3in lower arms-procomp- $50. 4500miles on them.
1.25in greasable shakles- teraflex- $75 20,000miles on them.

i just ordered a new lift today so my old set up is going to be sold. i get my new set up on thursday and plan on installing it saturday so that is when this stuff will all be off my truck and on sale for sure. nothing is wrong with any of this stuff, i just wanted to get a little more lift to clear my tires. thanks.

I'll take the shackles pm me when thier ready
ill let you guys know!

bubba- pmed you.

coils and lower arms are off the truck and ready for someone to pick them up.
bubba has first dibs on the lower arms unless he says other wise.

the rear shakles will hopefully be taken off tomorrow and will be ready for homebrew to pick them up!

sooo, who wants the old coils!?
still available,

3in front coils- $75

teraflex greasable shakles- $75 (homebrew, i pmd you about these , let me know if you are still interested...)
i will take 60 for the coils, when can you get them?
91 if you can pay for the shackles now take them I dont get paid for a few days and I may be going a different route anyway. OP if you still have them thursday when I get paid I'll paypal you.
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Everything is sold fellas! thanks everyone!
same boat have to wait a few days to get paid but i would like to have them