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Dual Batteries- were to put em?


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Does anyone have pictures of how they jammed 2 batteries under a XJ hood? I just dont see how they can both fit!
Loose the air box for an air tube and get a right hand drive battery tray from the dealer.... Problem solved!

Mine lives in the cargo area so just use your imagination and you can stick an optima anywhere...

I don't have a back seat, so when I do duals, the pass rear seat floorboard is a likely spot to put both. Another option is what Matt advises (I dunno if a RHD tray is same as a diesel XJ tray) and on a non-HO the airtube & K&N goes twds the airbox IIRC which is where that 2d tray goes
We have a company in Aust who supply mounting kits for most 4WDs, including XJ's. Link follows


I used their XJ kit - requires ditching the coolant overflow bottle and replacing with a smaller one further back, and locates the new battery snug behind the main one (a bit too snug for comfort) and square on rather than diagonal.

I'll see if I can get hold of a photo - might give you some ideas.
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compensating are we mark?


Just want to be ready for you when you actually get out wheeling again. You can't ever be sure what work we'll need to do on your rig!;)

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no doubt!

Mom was asking, "is that Mark Hinkley going to Moab this year? Oh, he is such a nice boy"....

maybe she'll bake you some cookies?
Awww...Beezil's mom has a crush on you Mark!

Hey, I understand that somebody came out with a dual Optima battery setup where one is sideways and the other upright...I didn't look into it...but anybody remember that?
Piranha dual battery setup shown in attached. Red cap is relocated washer fluid bottle. Pirnha dual battery management system mounted against fender wall (between batteries).
Adelaide, South Australia - yep, RHD it is down here.
Cherokees are a bit of a minority - the 4WD scene is pretty well dominated by Toyotas and Nissans, and I reckon most XJs rarely leave the bitumen.
There are a couple of shops importing gear from the USA - Rubicon Express, Rancho, etc, but at least we have good access to ARB.
The hard part is finding people with modification experience - that and some pretty restrictive laws, such as a maximum allowed wheel+tyre diameter of 15mm over standard. Get pretty jealous seeing pics of you guys with 33inch plus rubber!
Still, my XJ with 2" OME lift and otherwise mostly stock handles itself pretty well in the company it usually keeps. Am looking at JKS disco's at present to get a bit more edge.
mean green has a really slick dual battery tray for tj's. it lays a sealed battery on its side in the origional battery location and then stacks another sealed battery (again on its side) on top of it.

this may be worthless because i haven't gotten around to calling to check and see if it will work in an xj, but i think that it's a cool idea.


i just called mean green. the guy i talked to said that the tray in question was currently in development and should be out by the end of summer.
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