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DIY winch bumper too narrow?


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So I bought one of those $149 eBay winch bumpers. It went together no problem and looks awesome. It also came with subframe tie-ins, which I secured with as many bolts as I could. I haven't wheeled with it yet, so I'll have to just see how well it holds up to pulling on with the winch.

My issue is that I had to notch the bumper in front of where the winch drops in to fit the winch in there. Not a big deal, but the issue now is that my wife bought me a winch cover for the 95% of the time I'm not using it. Yeah, it's a $250 Badland winch, so I expect it to probably rust. Not a bad idea, but the fit was so tight that I physically can't fit it on. So I'm going to have to pull the winch back off and grind a little more away in that notched area.

Has anyone else (who has built one of these) had this issue? I also have the battery cables pushed firmly against the plastic grille. I can finagle the cover on behind those cables, but it's pretty tight as it is, but it just won't fit without grinding away the front area more. It wasn't hard to build, it's literally 90° angles and weld it together. So I guess I'm saying it's pretty idiot proof. I'm just looking to see what others have experienced.



These are a great bargain bumper. Id say just clearance it more.
I've had a cheap engo winch on the front of my jeep for a couple years with no cover other than sunfaded its had no issues though it doesn't rain much where im at in idaho

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Yeah that's for sure what I'm going to do. I just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this too. Other than that, it seems solid and I can't really expect it to go perfect for the price.
You maybe can redrill the mounting holes, slot the holes or cut off and weld on a new mount that is longer such that the bumper extends further to the front, thus giving more room between the winch and grill?