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death wobble


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i got a few things i think might cause

my drag link and tie rod is bent but i realigned it,

ball joints going out?

unbalenced tires, but there air soft bb ballenced but i didnt have dw before

all tie rod ends and track bar bolts are tight and snug and greased

the unit bearings feel snug and aren't loose
any thing i missed
i e-mailed and got nothing

i'll give them a call tomorrow

hopefully they will warrenty both the drag ling and tie rod,

the drag link has a good size bend in it
Although the kit needs some more R&D and they are aware of that, their customer service is excellent. I just sent back my "whole" UTK kit for warranty w/ 3 bent TRE's and 2 bent rods. We decided that OTK would be better for my needs and they offered to sleeve the rods for me too, no charge!!!! It should be here in a few days I'll let you know how it looks when I open the box.
i would pull your entire front axle and put in all new bushings and TREs, LCA bushings will cause DW if they are shot. If your front end is setup correctly unbalanced tires should not matter, mine are unbalanced and worn horribly, but i have new LCA bushings on both ends, new track bar and its tight on both ends, all new TREs in my steering. I have a bad dead spot in my steering but since all my bushings are tight i have no DW and not even a shimmy, i can drive 90mph if i want to and get nothing bad.
the lift i got is the re super flex 4.5 inches about 7 months old

the problem really only started showing up after the bent drag link

once the garage is open i'll pull it in and take it all apart again and try to find out the problem
Those superflex joints need to be tightened occasionally or they will cause driveability issues. They wear and loosen up alot especially when they are brand new, they need to seat in the poly bushings. RE sells a tool to tighten them on their site for like $20. Also if you don't grease them religiously they will wear out/ loosen up very quickly.
so i jacked it up and the driver side ball joint has about a 1/16 movement up and down and the pass side has about 1/8 and the lower track bar mount has a 1/4 inch movement to it, im thinking thats my problem