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Dana 60 rear


NAXJA Member
Williams AZ
Have a complete, but unassembled, Dana 60 in XJ width. 4.10 gears. Ruff stuff cover. Ford explorer 8.8 disc brakes. Have all the new bearings and seals i think.

Would rather not haul it to Arizona.


Deadline is this month, if I hear no interest it will be hauled right after Christmas.
Needs xj or mj spring mounts and shock mounts welded on. The axles don't have studs, so you can choose size and bolt pattern. Everything else is bolt on.
I should have been more clear, its already drilled for 5x4.5 and 5x5.5. Studs aren't in it though.
If only I were local to this...

But I have the same problem you have.