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Springs and things

Rob D

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Pittsburg CA
I've got a few things I would like to get out of my garage so I have room to put more junk in there. Here's what I have, that I remember right now.

A set of Full Traction 6" front coils - $40
Stock Ford E350 32-spline FF axle shafts in good shape(if I remember right they are 35" & 37.5" in length) - $30ea
E350 Dana 60 pinion flange - $10
Narrowed, trussed, D44 front housing w/inner shafts. Inner shafts are Yukon TJ D44 shafts w/Spicer joints in good shape - $400
Used Yukon D44 4.88 reverse gears (came out of the axle listed above. If you get the axle and want these gears I'll throw them in with the axle). - $40
New D44 Motive 5.13 reverse gears. - $60

There will be more in the near future to include;
GM small bearing spindles, 5x5.5 hubs and rotors with Timken wheel bearings that I am still using until I do the 8 lug conversion on my front end. I was also using them on the axle listed above.
35 spline D44 w/ARB AB109. Explorer disc brakes, 4.88 Yukon gears and TNT u-bolt eliminator spring pads.
A full width XJ rear D44 truss I may throw in with the rear axle when I sell it.

All items are OBO and I prefer not to ship. PM or email will work best if you're interested.
Might be interested in the axles for a friend.
I almost forgot, for the future items, is a set of 5 17x8.5 Raceline 928M wheels with 5x5.5" pattern. These are the street version of their beadlocks. 4 of the 5 has a little rock rash on the "locking" ring. The 5th was the spare the last time I ran a trail. I'll probably be asking about $500 for the wheels, which is about 50% of new price.
I'm shooting for about $800 for the rear axle which will be a quick swap from stock, and run with it. You'll just need an air source for the ARB. It will include 5x4.5 to 5x5.5 adapters.
Hi Rob,

I am very interested in the axles. These are what you were running on your white XJ, right? I'll also send you a PM.

Return PM sent Eric.