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Dana 44 bearings


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Beaver Falls, PA
My Jeep dealer just dropped off my axle shafts at work today, leaving me puzzled. I had them install new bearings, seals, and retainer plates on a new set of shafts. My problem is, I remember the last time I had the shafts out, there were angled roller bearings on them, but what they dropped off appear to be sealed bearings. I attempted to pull the outside off thinking it was the outer race, but with my gimpy wrist I wasn't able to do it. Were there different bearings in different years of XJ 44's? My old bearings look like the first axle picture in the link, and the new ones look like the later in the link.


Brian, They will come apart into a spereate tapered bearing and a race. I bought mine and thought they were a sealed type, but tapped on it with a screw driver and it popped right off.
Does it look like the one on the right?


That outer ring part sometimes sticks inside the axle, and needs to be removed. Leave it on the bearing..thats what I've been told.
Don't leave it on the bearing from my experiences. The race needs to be pressed into the axle tube. It's not a tight press, it does wiggle around a bit, but it does not slide right in or out. This will make installing and removing axle shafts much harder if it's left on there. Brian B, if it kinda looks like it's two serperate machined parts, with one part taking up about 3/4 of the side (the race), it will seperate.