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Dana 30

Diff bearing caps 55 ft lbs, and the axle bearing is straight forward... remove brake caliper & rotor, remove axle lock nut (36mm), remove 3 - 13mm 12pt bolts from back of hub, and it should take a little effort to get off...
Thanks for the respons(es). I mis-typed my initial request. I'd actually like to know how difficult it is to replace the axle seals on a Dana 30 (the seals hidden behind the diff bearings).

And it seems that 45~50 FT LBS is good for the diff bearings.

Thanks again!!! Very good info.

M Randolph
I don't mean to be a pain, but Clean-RC is off. It is exactly 45 ft. lbs. for both the bearing retainer-plate nuts and also for the bearing caps. It doesn't matter if it's the 181 or 186 model version of the D30, either. The closest match inside a Dana axle is 57 ft. lbs. in a D35 or M35 ("Super" 35).
EDIT: "The closest match [to 55 ft. lbs.] . . ."
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