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D35 or 8.25 driveshaft after lift?

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I just lifted my 1999 XJ with an OME 3.5" lift kit, and in the process of doing so, also swapped to an 8.25 rear end from a dana 35. SO, I have an 8.25 driveshaft and a dana 35 driveshaft here to chose from. The Dana 35 driveshaft is slightly longer, and I get more engagement on the slip yoke if I use that one which is obviously better... but will I run the risk of bottoming it out if the rear end compresses to much? I don't want to find out the hard way, if anyone else has some experience using a D35 driveshaft with an 8.25 rear end with about 3.5" of lift. I have factory length upper bumpstops, and a leaf spring plate from DPG with 2 hockey pucks installed on each for now for what it's worth.

Thank you!

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You really need a SYE, but only you can tell which is a better fit!
Other than some mild vibrations from 30-40mph, everything is very smooth. I will be getting an SYE in the future though. The longer D35 appears to fit better, but I’m just questioning if it would be too long. I’m not really sure how to tell.
I had a driveshaft original to the d35 with 5 speed. No issues running 2" of lift with the swapped on 8.25. Now running 4"ish lift with the same 8.25 d35 driveshaft

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I did a Hack-n-Tap on my 4.5 lift. I think that is the min lift for a H-n-T. Still, you could do the H-n-T and get a 'Custom' shaft. Now as to you question which related to the H-n-T, in the H-n-T instructions, you should have 1 inch movement of the shaft to the front and 2 or so to the rear. I think there is 3 to 3-1/2 movement in a front driveshaft.
So, relating this to your situation. I would chose the one that move forward about 1" or a bit more from the position of the rear U-joint is in position on the pumpkin head.
Also, the vibration at 35-40 mph means you will need a SYE or to tilt the trans down a bit with spacers.
@75sV1 - are you saying the angle is off? Typically, vibration is a result of mismatch angles at each end.

I'd say it is a possibly. Maybe I'm misinterpreting your reply. The OP states a 3.5 lift. So, getting in that territory. Also, a 97+ so the latter XJs are more prone. Still, I think the OP needs to first see what length of driveshaft works for his setup. Check the U-joints.
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Thanks for all the help.

I tried both driveshafts, and the D35 shaft had better engagement on the SY. It did not seem to bottom out as I cycled the rear suspension either.

Regardless... I ordered an advance adapter SYE and adams driveshaft. I was just looking to see which would be better to run in the meantime, but both gave unfavorable results in the vibration department.