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CV Axle shafts to U-Joins shafts


Three-De Off-Road
Nashville, TN
Have the 249 T-case in a 1998 ZJ.

The CV boots are shot and I need to do some repair/replacement. Any drawback to just pulling a set of U-Joint axle shafts from the junkyard and tossing them in there?
I've seen guys talk about that being the first upgrade they have done. I've also seen where guys go from U-joint type shafts to the CV's for daily drivers.

I don't see any reason it can't be done. I think the CV's would be smoother with the 249 case when turning.
I found replacement CV shafts in Rockauto for about $100 total shipped. Gonna just do that. I also read that the 249 doesn’t like u-joints.