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Cruise control wont work after manual swap!!


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Hey all. Question for you experts out there... I did a standard swap a couple years ago and it's been great ever since buttttt I want my cruise control to work again because i drive alot of highway. I have a switch for the NSS hooked up so I can start and then flick the switch and then cruise will turn on but it just hold the throttle all the way down and doesn't stop unless i hit the brakes or turn it off. How come it doesn't hold the speed it's set at? I did alot of research and found nothing... Any help is appreciated!!
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I don't know what you need to be doing differently, but I suspect that one difference between a manual and an automatic is some kind of connection to the clutch. I know that if I try to downshift my 5 speed (like for climbing a hill) the cruise control will shut off as if I had hit the brakes. I suspect the automatic has a different interface. I would not be surprised if at least part of the difference is in the programming of the ECU.

Did you swap ECUs?

And if yes, do you know that the new ECU came from a cruise control equipped XJ?