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Crawl Pictures & Video

Crawl Pictures & Video

Hey everyone, on Wednesday I will try and get all those pics uploaded to my photobucket! Sorry for the delay!
Where's the pic of you flopping off the RTI ramp...?? Oh...wait...that was another crawl. :D Has it been beat to much yet?
Tim showing us how to properly use the rev limiter....

This is a perfect example of Tim's wheeling strategy. Pedal to the floor until something happens, nothing less.
Hey JOSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHA, its was wednesday 2 days ago! :D

finally! sorry. Been wide the heck open at the shop all week. At least I have a weekend off! :)

all slide show pics here and some video. Some of the videos may seem as I'm drunk, but sadly enough I was stone sober hahaha.

I'm watching the random videos from riding around....and i'm in pain from laughing so hard right now.

We've got to record us more often on trail rides....this is pretty much all that happens.
Badest XJ there this year....


Is that BeerGoogle's Rig?