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crashed now pulls to right


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West Michigan
I hit a Honda at 30 mph and went into a ditch at about 15mph. I hit him & the ditch square, but unfortunatlely I had my bumper laying on my garage floor at the time. I took alot of the ditch impact with my wheels.

Thehood and fenders never got a scratch. There radiator a/c and support were trashed.

It looks good now, buy it has been aligned twice and still pulls to the right more than I would like.

Did I bend a control arm? or push a mount back.

How can I tell? Everything looks o.k.


Sounds like you need to take your XJ to the body shop, have them put it on the fram jig and verify the frame is straight. Once that is done then you need to have an alignment done.

At least your XJ should be fixable. I have a 88 XJ and a 19 year old coed slammed into the driver's side back seat door and turned me 90 degrees. Due to the amount of damage vs book values I am affraid my vehicle will be totaled. I told the local garage what happened and he said "you had replaced everything but the paint". So I have a renewed 88 XJ that may be lost because of someone running a red light and hitting me while waiting on the same red.

It is time for you to filed the claim with your insurance company and get your XJ fixed. I think even with the bumper you would of had a similar amount of damage.

Good luck