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cooling (long)


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Scottsdale AZ
Ok so I dont know if this goes here or on Oem but Ill take a shot...Everyone at one time or another has had cooling problems with their xj except for some of us who have them everyday ( living in phx AZ) where it gets to a 110+ frequently, Its really trying on your cooling system mostly in stop and go traffic and thats pretty much all we have around here...After watching all the things people have tried done and failed with I have a thought process that tells me its not the raditator most of the time its the lack of air flow...Now no one has made the electric fan thing work yet (that I know of) I am thinking about yanking the clutch fan on mine and putting in a flex fan with no clutch just a spacer.

The problem I have is finding the flow #s for the stock mechanical fan tried the stealership their morons, tried part houses (same result) ...If I can find a flex fan that flows more air at idle than the stock clutch fan it should work right??? The problem is finding the cfms for the stock fan and aux fan and replacing both with fans that have higher cfm ratings and making sure I have a good seal for the shroud...Any flaws that I cant see, info, advice better ideas I am open to trying just about anything for the benefit of us all(well at least those who live in really hot climates)...

PS If youve tried it and it worked or didnt work please let me know also part #s helps for research..
TIA themud:D NAXJA
Forget CFM. As long as you don't plan to drive through water that can reach the fan, you're on the right track. Just buy a fan that's the same diameter as the OEM fan, get your spacer, and bolt it on. Just remember that the XJ fan rotates the opposite of fans running on V-belts, so the flex fan may be listed as a "reverse rotation" model.

This will work fine. A friend of mine down-state "fixed" his failed fan clutch by tack welding it -- which essentially made it into a spacer, just like what you're describing.
i tried: hesco water pump, gdi rad, new fan clutch, water weter, louvered my hood, high flow tstat housing. none of that helped. the last thing i did is the new curved blades auxiliry fan. that seems to have the bes. but i never have 100+ weather. jack
I agree with the late model fan blade.Also make sure the radiator and condenser coil is "CLEAN".My sons started over-heating and it turned out to be dirt blocking the coils,there is no "extra" cooling capacity built into these things.
Aslo make sure all the fins are straight,this can be a real fun job!