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Con trip 12th-14th


NAXJA Member #339
Rocklin, CA
Hey guys its been a while. I was wondering if anyone wanted to join us for a trip into Spider this weekend. Going to test out the new rear bumper on some Sierra granite. Finished it last weekend. 3x3 square tubing in the 1/4" varitey with a step up at the taillights similar to Borton's. It came out pretty good for my first homemade project.

We will be heading in Friday at night to Spider and just chillin, drinkin, swimmin, and watch other people break their junk on Saturday. A buddy of mine is getting married on the 20th and we have a friend coming out from Colorado that has never been up there.

Normally, i'd be down, but with Swamp next weekend, I've got some exhaust issues to resolve as well as a front bumper that is near death (7 year old Tomken).

Have fun.

See ya at Swamp!

thanks Jeff. I've got my own issues to sort out before Swamp. Beleive me though, I would rather be 20 degrees cooler at spider than here in Sacto.

Have fun

I want to go too but alas I have a couple more things to fix this weekend.
Then it's off to Dinkey Creek to break more stuff. :lol: