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Coil spring Q's


NAXJA Forum User
How do i get my front coils out? I've never done it and im puting a 4.5 inch lift on my XJ
its actually pretty easy, took maybe half hour on my jeep but putting those 4.5" coils back on is gonna be more difficult. Anyway to get them off just up the front and put it on stands and take the tires off, let the axle hang as far down as it can. Unbolt the shocks from each side for more droop and the sway bar links from each side also. then there is a little retainer clip on the bottom coil of each spring that comes off. then what i do is put a floor jack under the control arm of one side and jack it up way far so the other side droops all the way and then just pull the spring out, then do the same for the other side. you might need a spring compressor to get those lift coils back in.